Rosewater + Witch Hazel Toner


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Tone and tighten your skin, naturally.
This 6oz alcohol-free toner combines rosewater, aloe vera and witch hazel to help tighten your pores and keep skin soft + clear.


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Tone your skin, naturally. Rosewater and witch hazel are both known for their astringent and cleansing properties, without being too harsh on the skin. Our rosewater toner is alcohol-free and infused with tea tree and lavender essential oils for a purely soothing experience. Gently removing leftover dirt, oil and makeup – with an amazing scent, this is your go-to product for clean and refreshed skin.

TO USE: Clean and dry face. Apply toner to the face and neck using a cotton pad.

What I’m Made Of

Distilled water, pure rose floral water, Hamamelis (witch hazel), Lavandula (lavender) essential oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oil.

Why I’m Great

Two of nature’s best ingredients come together in our toner: witch hazel and rosewater. Witch hazel is commonly known as a go-to toner for those struggling with acne. It’s a great cleanser, and when combined with rosewater (which is also great for cleansing pores, controlling excess oil, and preventing acne) it packs a strong “one, two punch”. Not to mention it smells wonderful (unlike witch hazel alone), and we’ve also added a little bit of tea tree essential oil for extra cleaning and acne prevention.

What Everyone’s Saying 5-star(5 / 5 stars)

April in Wyoming | I absolutely love witch hazel, and this combo with rosewater is simply amazing - I feel so refreshed after using it!

Brittney in Washington | Great toner. Easy on my skin and leaves my face feeling extra clean.

Amanda in New York | The smell is wonderful. I used to use just regular witch hazel and honestly didn’t like the smell, but this is great and works really well.

Carrie in Arizona | I’ve been dealing with acne for years. Tried a ton of different cleansers, toners, creams, etc. and after adding Anna Naturals to my routine I have finally started to see a difference. What I love is that I can see the extra dirt and makeup the toner cleans off, too.

Trinity in Louisiana | This toner is the best!! I use it everyday it’s become a staple.


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