Pregnancy Blend: Keep It Down Tea


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Calm that queasy tummy, naturally.

A premium blend of organic ginger and organic chamomile are combined with spearmint and lavender for a great morning (or anytime) cup of tea that’s delicious and safe for pregnancy. 100% caffeine free. Contains 26 tea bags.


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A premium blend of organic ginger and organic chamomile are combined with hibiscus, orange and lemon to provide relief for your morning sickness — no matter what time of the day it may be. 100% caffeine free.

TO USE:Drink a cup as needed for upset or queasy tummies. Always consult your doctor or midwife before taking any herbs while pregnant.

What I’m Made Of

Organic ginger root*, organic spearmint*, orange peel, lavender, organic hibiscus*, cranberries, organic strawberries*, pineapple, organic cherry extract*, organic strawberry extract*, stevia extract.
*Certified Organic ingredient

Why I’m Great

Ginger is a tried-and-true remedy for nausea as it contains a molecule called zingerone that actually binds to neural receptors and sends signals that confuse your brain into thinking you are consuming something spicy, your brain cannot process the heat and the nausea at the same time so bam, away goes the nausea. Ginger and spearmint are also both frequently used as non-medicated treatments for heartburn, so drink up mama!

Still battling morning sickness?
Aside from ginger or spearmint teas, there are other ways that you can try to combat nausea during pregnancy - especially if you’re having a particularly hard time keeping anything down. Preventative measures include eating small, frequent meals to avoid getting too hungry or too full. Bland foods like crackers may help as well. Additionally, you can try non-food alternatives such as aromatherapy products that contain ginger or other essential oils that may help to fight that queasy feeling. For example, we have a Keep it Down spray that has ginger, lime and peppermint essential oils to provide relief without having to eat or drink anything! Hang in there, mama - it is all worth it!

What Everyone’s Saying 5-stars(5 / 5 stars)

Michelle in Georgia | With my last pregnancy, I battled morning sickness for almost 16 weeks so this time around I stocked up on a bunch of products to help me feel better. Thankfully, my morning sickness didn’t last quite as long, and the Keep it Down tea helped during those weeks where I was really feeling it.

Lana in California | I was skeptical because other ginger teas I tried were too gross to drink (not fun to drink something that doesn’t taste good when you already don’t feel well). But this one actually had a really good flavor, I didn’t mind drinking it at all and it seemed to help make me feel less nauseous.

Colleen in Idaho | Really good taste. I would drink a cup of this tea every morning with my toast during my first trimester to help with the morning sickness.

Ima in Georgia | Love this stuff! I was in my first trimester in the summer, so I ended up making iced tea from this. Added a little bit of honey and it was the best thing to keep my stomach calm until my morning sickness went away about 14 weeks in.


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