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Brighten your day, naturally. Need a little lift in your spirits? Happy Pure Essential Oil is a natural way to lighten your mood and brighten your day. Comes in a 15mL glass bottle.

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Citrus is well-known for it’s uplifting properties, and Happy essential oil is made of just that. 100% therapeutic grade essential oils of our favorite citruses are combined to create a blend that will simply put a smile on your face.

TO USE: Add 2-4 drops to your favorite diffuser, or add a few drops to 2oz distilled water for an aromatherapy spray. To use topically, it’s recommended to dilute 1-2 drops in a carrier oil to reduce the possibility of skin irritation.

What I’m Made Of

100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils of grapefruit, lime, lemon, tangerine, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange.

Why I’m Great

We all get a little down sometimes, and if you’re looking for an uplifting aromatherapy session then Happy is it! A unique, pleasant-smelling blend of the top citrus essential oils (which are known for their positive properties on the mind) Happy can be used to help provide a more positive outlook even when the day (or week!) has been rough. Great for use in a diffuser, diluted as an aromatherapy spray, or even used as a massage oil or perfume.

What Everyone’s Saying 5-star(5 / 5 stars)

Gabrielle in Florida | Wonderful scent and really uplifting. I use this every morning when I do my yoga to help put me in a good mood and get set for the day.

Jeff in Georgia | My girlfriend and I both use this blend, it’s great especially after a particularly trying week at work. Helps to keep me in a good mood until the weekend hits!

Darlene in Virginia | Love this blend, and it’s affordable too unlike many other essential oils out there. Nice to see an effective product that they’re not trying to charge a crazy amount for!

Felicity in Delaware | Smells really nice and definitely helps to keep my happy!

Susan in Colorado | I used this during my pregnancy to help with energy and overall mood as I was experiencing some major hormonal changes especially in the first trimester. Worked really well and the scent is lovely.

Victoria in Connecticut | Love, love, love this blend! Smells amazing, works amazing - I use it all the time!


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