Everyday Blend: Preconception Tea


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A premium blend of organic red raspberry leaf, organic chamomile and orange peel produce a sweet, calming herbal tea for those who are trying to conceive. 100% caffeine free. Contains 26 tea bags.


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Used since the 16th century as a nourishing reproductive tonic for women, red raspberry leaf has a unique restorative property that makes it a fertility favorite. Popular in teas used when trying to conceive, red raspberry leaf is nicely combined with soothing chamomile and orange for a pleasant taste with herbal benefits.

TO USE:For best results, drink 1-3 cups per day, starting three months before you want to conceive. If tracking ovulation, begin drinking Preconception tea on the first day of your menstrual cycle and stop once ovulation is detected. NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY OR WHILE BREASTFEEDING.

What I’m Made Of

Organic red raspberry leaf*, organic nettles*, organic german chamomile*, orange peel, organic rosehip*, organic orange extract*.
*Certified Organic ingredient

Why I’m Great

Did you know that the chances of conceiving every month are 25% or less? That’s not the best odds. There are a lot of things you can do to help prepare your body for pregnancy, and increase your chances of success. One of them is to get your menstrual cycle regular, and strengthen the uterine lining to make for a more favorable environment for a fertilized egg to “stick”. Red raspberry leaf has been widely used for both of these through regular consumption in the form of a tea. Traditionally, many women have thought that red raspberry leaf carries a not-so-pleasant taste, but lucky for you we’ve infused it with fruit and hibiscus for a subtle, enjoyable flavor. Plus, as a bonus we’ve included chamomile because let’s face it - sometimes trying to get pregnant can be downright stressful!

Extra tips for trying to conceive:
If you’re ready to start trying, make sure to get your body as healthy as possible. Exercise, plenty of water, and a balanced diet will help prepare your body for pregnancy. Yoga, breathing exercises and other stress-relieving practices can help you stay calm and relaxed. Also, tracking your basal body temperature can help you understand your cycles and pinpoint ovulation.

What Everyone’s Saying 4-half-stars(4.5 / 5 stars)

Charlotte in Wisconsin | A friend recommended a red raspberry tea regimen for getting pregnant, so once we decided to start trying I purchased some Preconception tea and drank up. Lucky for us, we got pregnant that first month!

Hannah from Louisiana | We had been trying for a few months with no success. I was tracking my ovulation, but my cycles were irregular. I started drinking the red raspberry leaf tea, and within two months my cycles became regular and one month later we were pregnant!!!

Abby in New Mexico | Amazing. That’s all I have to say! Only took us two months to get pregnant after using the tea, when we had been trying for almost a year. I am so thankful that I found this tea.

Yari in Georgia | Great taste (hot or iced - I did both living in the south), and since I’m 6 months pregnant with our first, I’d say it worked!


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