Blissful Birth – CALM


Calm your mind and relax your body. Two very important exercises, especially in early labor. A blend of lavender, chamomile and rose will help to promote a more tranquil environment as you begin to bring your new baby into the world. Sold as a 1 oz. bottle w/pump.

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During early labor, it can be a hectic time. While not really ready to go to the hospital, you’re excited and anxious - wondering how the labor will go, and certainly ready to meet your little one. This time, as hard as it can be, is an important one for you to keep your mind and body calm.

Blissful Birth CALM is a relaxing blend of lavender, chamomile and rose essential oils for use during early labor. Staying calm and relaxed will help your body dilate naturally, and will encourage you to progress nicely into active labor.


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