Blissful Birth – Aromatherapy Set


A must-have for your hospital bag, this aromatherapy set will provide support throughout your entire labor. From calming and relaxation in early
labor to energy and strength as you progress – Blissful Birth Aromatherapy Set has you covered. Includes one each of: Blissful Birth CALM, ENERGY, FOCUS, GO TIME, and DRIVE.

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The Blissful Birth Aromatherapy Set includes all five of the Blissful Birth blends, used to support you throughout your entire labor - from early labor through to delivery. Save $10 by purchasing the set, versus buying each item separately!

The kit includes:

CALM: Calm your mind and relax your body. Two very important exercises, especially in early labor. A blend of lavender, chamomile and rose will help to promote a more tranquil environment as you begin to bring your new baby into the world.

GO TIME: Yep, it’s go time. A strong blend of essential oils will help move labor along and bring you closer towards meeting your new miracle. Clary sage and jasmine target the uterus and can stimulate and strengthen contractions, encouraging consistent progress.

DRIVE: Gather your strength. A blend of essential oils to help with pain and provide courage will compliment your own internal power.

ENERGY: Give yourself a little boost. When exhausted from labor, a spray of uplifting and energizing essential oils can help invigorate your body and your mind.

FOCUS: Clear your head. If you feel like you are in a fog, a spray of this essential oil blend will help to clear your mind and focus your thoughts on the task at hand – meeting your beautiful new baby.


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